Which is best replacement bands for Samsung Gear S2?

When it comes to smartwatches, the Samsung Gear S2 stands out as a fantastic device, even if it isn’t Android Wear. One of it’s biggest pulls is that it’s a fairly small, and stylish computer for your wrist. What if you aren’t a big fan of the watch bands that come with it, or if those bands break?

Thankfully, there are options if you need to replace your Gear S2’s watch bands. While you could take a waltz through the internet to search them out, we’ve put together the best watch band replacements for your Gear S2. Just keep scrolling to check them out.

Skylet watch bands

For another dash of personality, Skylet watch bands for the Gear S2 may catch your eye. Each silicon band has its own pattern, from the Fleur de Lis to a rainbow of colors. They’re affordable as well, starting at just $15.

There are currently 24 different bands that you can choose between and each one can add some serious personality to your Gear S2.

Tevies watch bands

Sometimes when you really want to make a statement with your watch band. If that’s the case then check out these steel link watch bands from Tevies.

There are ten different bands currently available in an array of colors to pick from. A steel watch band doesn’t have to break the bank either; these ones start at around $20.

Samsung watch bands

When looking for a replacement Gear S2 band, your first option is to go right through Samsung.

The company has seven different bands that are available for purchase through their website, from leather to stylized plastic, ranging from $39.99 to $59.99. Samsung has also partnered with Atelier Mendini on some unique patterns that are certain to turn heads.

Getwow watch bands

Another great place to look is at the watch bands from Getwow. These rubber watchbands are each unique in their design. Though you won’t find anything particularly flashy in these rubber options, they do sport a number of different patterns.

Each one can be bought for around $40, with bright colors that are sure to catch the eye.

FanTEK watch bands

Not everybody can afford to shell out $30 or $40 for a new watch band. Thankfully, FanTEK comes through with affordable watch bands that sport muted designs. Unlike the bright designs on many other watch bands, you’ll find dark colors and simple designs that draw your eye to the Gear S2 without being overwhelming.

Even if you’re not on a budget, the $7.88 price tag is a sweet deal.

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