The comparsion within the apple watch stand below

A stand holder on your desk

Apple watch and airpods charging dock

apple watch and airpods charging dock

Pros: 1. It will be a perfect stand if you just like to show up your apple watch and airpods at home or at an office; 2. It will be an organizer to manage the chaging cable with the small compartment. Cons: 1.It will be a little heavy, but such design can ensure that the stand can not fall off easily; 2. To some extent, it will be a little difficult to put the charger cable into the hole, you can do it with your two big thumbs easily; 3. The stand will be perfect for th original charger(cable), and apple watch and airpdos must stand on it without any case cover. Because each customer’s case cover will be different, different case will need different style stand; 4. It’s not a good choice when travel.

A must for your travel

apple watch and airpods stand with carrying box

Pros: 1. Good for travel, work or home with the handy protective box; 2. It’s no doubt that it’s a space saver and protector; 3. Great price for a tpu box and charging dock;

Cons: 1. They can not be there with the airopods sleeve and apple watch protective cover, cause it is just customized for original apple watch and airpods; 2. The carabiner is not durable, but you can buy a high-quality clip on it to ensure the security;

A cable organizer and stand for iWatch

022101 1024x1024 - The comparsion within the apple watch stand below

Pros: Absoultely, it’s the best organizer for apple watch charging cable. Bacause you can roll off the outer case and wrap the cable inside, it can also collect the wired earphone. Maybe many people would said it’s a Macaroon for it’s design, it’s really cute for it’s appearance. Furthermore, you don’t worry your bagpack will be a loss when you go for work or travel, cause it’s also a space saver and cable management.

Cons: It’s just designed for apple watch, not for airpods. In my opinion, it will be more perfect with a carrying case.

An awesome travel apple watch stand, but not the best

022104 1024x1024 - The comparsion within the apple watch stand below
Apple watch charging station

Pros: Comared with the second one, it is just a singal stand with protective box for apple watch when traveling. Moreover, it can be a nightstand on your desk to save your space and collect the cable.

Cons: Apparently, this stand holder has some limitation, it doesn’t have the dock for airpods.

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