November 6, 2018

Why not choosing a more perfect cover case for your Apple airpods?

When it comes to Airpods, there many styles. As for exercise and workout, the case which has the lock bar and ear straps, like lwsengme second generation shockproof air pods case:, you can put ear pods on your wristband or arm, verry portable and convenient.

Regard to waterproof performance, Lwsengme third airpods can meet the needs of everyone, your earphone can stay in a complete closure compartment for it’s perfect and snug fit and precise cutout. And so far, it does really do a good job and get the favor of many customers, you can search it on or surf this link:

You can also compare to any other airpods case cover, for this price and quality, For a more lightweight silicone cases, they will tear soon, For a leather cases, they are portable but not water resistant; And for this one, to be honest, it’s a great deal. But for everything, this product need to be improved for some points, lwsengme will spend more efforts on it.

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