5 Kinds of Fitbit Blaze Bands for Sale

Buying a new band for your Fitbit Blaze is a matter of personal choice. The look, feel, and materials used are all things you’ll likely consider. There are plenty of options available to you if you’re looking to ditch the standard silicone band that came with your purchase.

1, DigiHero leather bracelet band
You may notice this looks a lot like a certain Apple Watch band that is known to be crazy expensive. Lucky for us, DigiHero’s leather band for the Blaze starts at around $19 and is made with genuine leather. This band does not come with the steel that your Blaze clips into, so make sure you have yours at the ready. There are several different colors of leather to choose from, including red, blue, black, and tan.

2, Fitbit Blaze metal link band
Fitbit’s metal link band is made entirely out of stainless steel and has adjustable links to ensure you always get the right fit. This band will give your Blaze a fresh and stylish look. It is important to note Fitbit recommends you don’t use this band for workouts. This is a band to buy if you enjoy wearing your Fitbit 24/7 and want to show off your flashy fashion sense when you’re not getting sweaty at the gym.

3, Fitbit Classic band
If you love the look and feel of the classic silicone band that comes with the Fitbit Blaze, you can easily purchase more of them directly from Fitbit. They come in black, blue, and plum colors.

4, Henoda Fitbit Blaze silicone band
You may be wondering why we would suggest something so similar to the band that comes with the Blaze upon purchase, and mainly it’s because of the wide color selection. Silicone bands are the best bands to do workouts with, so having a few different colors to choose from can’t hurt.

If you find your original silicone band has succumbed to wear and tear, then picking up the Henoda for around $8 is a great option that won’t break the bank! The steel frame is not included.

5, Fitbit Blaze leather band
The leather band for the Fitbit Blaze has a classic and clean look. The leather is soft against your skin and doesn’t cause irritation. It is made from genuine leather; you can be assured it won’t fall apart on you. As with most leather bands, it takes a little bit of time to break in and fit your wrist perfectly. The Fitbit leather band comes in three colors: black, camel, and misty grey.

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